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We are very proud of our Hall.

The hall was gifted to the community and is managed by the Ratepayers Association.

It is unique in that this is one of the last halls left in its original state with regards to the internal walls not being painted white but left as natural wood. This makes the hall very popular with filming companies who regularly rent the hall for filming.

Regular maintenance is ongoing. 

Work done on the hall recently is:

  • Outside walls repainted and some boards replaced. (Interesting to note that the only fitting boards had to come from the South Island due to the old sizes.)
  • New roof recently
  • Wooden floor sanded and sealed
  • Wooden benches sanded and re-oiled (the benches are actually older than the hall itself)
  • New roman blinds fitted for all windows in the main hall
  • Hidden heating for the hall using a coin system

Projects that are being worked on:

  • Toilet area refurbished
  • Kitchen lights need replacing
  • Ceiling in storage room at the front need replacing