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Who are we:

There is an active committee with Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and committee who meet 8 times a year in the Taupaki Hall to discuss activities and needs that have an affect on the local community. The aim of the association is to represent the local residents and rate payers to the local boards and Auckland Council. The matters it represents range from roading, environmental issues and policies that affect the local area. for example we have discussed the gas pipeline running through the area, WaterCare brought land that was earmarked for a processing plant, landfills that are taking place in inappropriate areas etc.

Because of liaison with the Local Board we are able to be fore-warned about new policies, proposals and building regulations. Items that are not notifiable to the public at large. This means that if nothing is done, things will take place and then it is hard to get this reversed or even stopped.

There is an annual membership of the Association that allows locals to vote on actions that need to be taken. Residents are encouraged to join discussions and raise points of interest or concern.

More on memberships here.

Please click below to find out where we are located and how we can be contacted.

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